Uma Kanya

Uma Kanya, Sanskrit for “Virgin of Light”, is an electronic soundscape - at times meditative and serene, at times aggressively haunting. Uma is the material manifestation of energy, wife of Shiva, and an expression of the duality of light and dark.

  1. Soft Opening
  2. Listening to the Body
  3. Heart Awake
  4. End Point in the Circle


Tokimonsta ft. Rucyl - Fame Boozer's Lullaby

Shigeto - Children at Night

Saturn Never Sleeps

Download - Yesterday's Machine (full album)
Download - Yesterday's Remixes (ft. Starkey, Sean Thomas, Jay Haze)
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01. This Town is a Mystery

02. Bumming Cigarettes

03. The Chakakhantroller

04. Watch What You Are

05. Computer Nerd

  1. 01. This Town is a Mystery

    This Town is a Mystery premiered at the Philly Live Arts Fringe Festival. A series of intimate performances in the homes of four families. With Headlong Dance Theater.
    Medium Sound & Video Design / Projection | Year 2012

  2. 02. Bumming Cigarettes

    Original score for short film Bumming Cigarettes. Premiered at Philadelphia QFest.
    Medium Sound Design | Year 2012

  3. 03. The Chakakhantroller

    A wearable midi controller encased in leather and snakeskin for solo audiovisual performers.
    Medium Textiles, Programming | Year 2008

  4. 04. Watch What You Are

    An immersive computer vision system that links the 2-D virtual world of movies and TV to the 3-D reality of the user. With Justin Downs at Eyebeam.
    Medium Video, Programming. | Year 2008

  5. 05. Computer Nerd

    Video ode to computer lovers using camera tracking and MaxMSP programming language.
    Medium Video, Programming, Sound | Year 2008


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